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This is the "short form" website for Steve Hogan, The Sound Steward.
As a consulting analog design engineer, I specialize in upgrading and modifying every kind of (mostly vintage) professional audio gear,
both solid state and vacuum tube, for the most discriminating clients.
I worked as product development engineer for Jensen Transformers beginning in 1983 and became VP of Engineering in 1989.
Between 1989 and 2003 I personally designed every 2nd generation JT series Jensen audio transformer.
As a consultant, I now design high-performance, low-stray-field power tranformers, both toroidal and conventional
for use in sensitive audio equipment.
I manufacture an unpotted, repairable version of the world-famous TSS-990-C discrete operational amplifier
originally developed by Deane Jensen for the most critical professional audio applications.
One of my latest projects is the development of a low-noise replacement power transformer
and other upgrades to the TNC ACMP73, ACMP81, and ACMP84 mic preamp/EQs.

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