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This is the "short form" website for Steve Hogan, The Sound Steward.
As a consulting analog design engineer, I specialize in upgrading and modifying every kind of (mostly vintage) professional audio gear,
both solid state and vacuum tube, for the most discriminating clients.
I worked as product development engineer for Jensen Transformers beginning in 1983 and became VP of Engineering in 1989.
Between 1989 and 2003 I personally designed every 2nd generation JT series Jensen audio transformer.
As a consultant, I now design high-performance, low-stray-field power tranformers, both toroidal and conventional
for use in sensitive audio equipment.
I manufacture an unpotted, repairable version of the world-famous TSS-990-C discrete operational amplifier
originally developed by Deane Jensen for the most critical professional audio applications.
My latest projects include custom professional audio equipment manufactured under the Alpha Dog Audio brand.
My customized audio gear is used by some of the most discriminating audio professionals wanting top-dog performance.

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